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Dream Home Mission

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3DBuildingPrint is a revolutionary automation technology from 3Developers.

Our technology provides cost-effective building technology, able to build faster and more environmentally friendly homes compared to any conventional building methods.

The 3D printing technology allows us to automate large parts of the construction process.

This technology can print homes in 24hrs without compromising on quality.

Conventional building methods cannot meet the current demand for housing.


3Developers is scheduled to complete all testing and regulation standards by April 2019 and to be fully insurable and mortgageable across the UK by Summer 2019.


Industry experts, world leaders, and other world governments have identified this technology as the future of house building.

And It is 3Developers goal to increase the supply of homes and to lower the cost of homes for the next generation.

As part of  our launch and as the cornerstone of our charitable ethos 3Developers set up the Dream Home Competition for one lucky winner to receive a house build up to the value of 500K in any location UK wide. (Planning conditions apply).

The winner will design the house with the help of our award-winning architect and interior designers and will own the first commercially built 3D printed home in the UK.


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