Making Housing More Affordable

3Developers was the first western company to adopt 3d print construction technology now there are hundreds in an indussry which is expected to reach 56 Billion by 2025. 

Dream Home Competition was born out of 3Developers' drive to provide a more efficient way of building, and by doing so lowering the price of housing.

Utilising 3Developers innovative technology, millions of people around the world will have the opportunity to purchase their dream home at a fraction of the price and with a stress-free buying process.

With our partners we are building this house anyway, but to enable us to build an more amazing house it makes sense to give someone the chance to win it while giving tens of thousands of people the chance to help be apart of the future of housing 

By providing the latest and most innovative development methods to one of the world's largest industries, 3Developers' ambition is to solve the global housing crisis in an eco-friendly and cost effective way.

Dream Home Team

About our technology

3DBuildingPrint is a revolutionary automation technology from 3Developers.

Our technology provides cost-effective building technology, able to build faster and more environmentally friendly homes compared to any conventional building methods.

The 3D printing technology allows us to automate large parts of the construction process.

Industry experts, world leaders, and other world governments have identified this technology as the future of house building.

Our key goal is to ensure that 25% of buildings in Dubai are based on 3D printing technology by 2030.....

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Prime Minister, UAE

This technology can print homes in 24hrs without compromising on quality.

The 3Developers Mission

The opportunity to build the home of your dreams, while helping other have the same opportunity in the future is what makes this competition special millions of people live in substandard homes in the UK or our homeless in the UK this technology is the greatest opportunity to change this and you are helping by bring this technology to the UK to make this happen. 

All the profits from this competition will be used in building the amazing dream home, helping to fund building a orphanage in Uganda and on affordable housing projects in the UK.  

Your not just buying a raffle ticket to win your dream home, you giving a chance to this generation and future generations to have affordable, high quality housing in the future. 

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Our Key Goals

  • To change the world one home at a time.
  • End world homelessness.
  • Invest in young people globally through training an education.
  • Reduce poverty, both in wealth and housing.
  • Promote a truly sustainable method for greener, faster and more affordable housing in the UK and across the world.

These goals are the heart of everything we do and at the heart of our charitable partners missions.

This 5 Bedroom Detached Home will be awarded to one lucky winner, the winner will receive a build budget 50% higher then the national average for a home of this type at the time. Depending on the success of the competition this could rise to 250% ( over twice the national average budget for a house of this size) With up to a third of this budget to go on land) All profits go to charity including feeding homeless over the Christmas 2019 period. 


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Email: info@dreamhome3dprinted.com

Post: Office 201 , 82 James Carter Road, Mildenhall , Suffolk, IP28 7DE, UK

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