Crowther Associates
The Award Winning Architects Designing Your Home

Top architect Mike Crowther and Crowther Architects Associates have agreed to help design the house for the winner.

We have some potential draft designs of what the house could look like, but the choice is entirely up to you.

Mike Crowther, one of the UK’S most respected Architects, is a special advisor to 3Developers.

He has over 40 years experience of architectural design. He has designed some of the UK’s most recognisable buildings and has won various awards and accolades.​

Mike Crowther will personally be working with the winner from end to end to make sure the winner's ideas come to life.

Crowther Associates Logo
outside design

Designed Potential Home by award-winning architect Mike Crowther who will be designing the dream home.

Side view of the potential dream home.

top floor design

View of the top floor with cinema room, library and gym.

side view first floor

Side View of the first floor and bedrooms.

side view design

Another side view.

About The House

  • The house can be built in any area in the UK.
  • The design of the house is not limited to architectural or traditional design. 
  • The more innovative, the better because we are keen to push and show off the technology. 
  • The interior fixtures and fittings are all chosen by you.
  • Depending on the location and design, the house's value is expected to be between £750K and £1.25 million.
  • Improvements

    3Developers Will Provide



    Construction Management + General Contracting

    Materials Supply

    Renovation Services

    Interior Design

    Supply Chain

    Product Consultancy

    Labour Management

    Land Sourcing

    Home Analyst

    Environmental Impact

    Timeline For The Winner

    Throughout the competition, everything will be overseen and audited by independent solicitors and accountants to maintain fairness and transparency in the process.

    No payments to be paid out for the raffle including for prizes, charities, and projects until after the raffle is concluded and signed off by the directors of 3developers, independent solicitors, and certified accountants.

    The draw will be done by an independent draw company with all aspects signed off by our trustees, solicitors, and accountants.

    December 21st, 2018

    Draw will take place on Facebook live

    January 3-5, 2019 (or date convenient for you)

    The winner will be brought  to London to be presented with the prize voucher and meet the award-winning architectural team and interior designer.

    Throughout January

    Mike Crowther and our design and engineering teams will work with the winner.

    Late January 2019

    Potential plots in your ideal locations will be selected (approved by our planning team) and the first draft of the house design completed.

    Throughout February

    Bids will go in for land for the property, with the approval of the winner and the land is registered in the competition winners name.

    March 2019

    — Planning permission will be sorted and house exterior design will be finalised

    — Work will be continued on all design aspects of the interior of your home.

    March - Supplier Day 2019

    The winner will get to see all the fittings selected and the key features of the house.

    April 2019

    Complete virtual reality walk-through and 4D designs of the house will be offered, and final adjustments can be made.

    Apr/May 2019

    — 3developers will handle all the aspects of the build, planning and utilities.

    June 2019

    — House is built and completed.

    — Full regulation, engineering, and all checks performed on the house with a full report on all aspects of your house given.

    — Winner given first opportunity to show friends and family around the new home.

    June 2019

    — All Interiors for marketing period are fitted and house is used as a show home for 3developers advertising purposes

    — Special guest will be invited to view and see the house.

    June 2019

    The house will be brought up to the newest standards and in late June your dream home will be ready to be moved into.