We Are Here To Build A Real Movement For Change

Dream Home Competition was born out of 3Developers drive to provide a more efficient way of building, and by doing so lowering the price of housing.

Utilising 3Developers innovative technology, billions of people around the world will have the opportunity to purchase their Dream Home at a fraction of the price and with a stress-free buying process.

This dream is at the heart of everything we do and at the heart of our charitable partners missions.

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Changing The World One Home At A Time

With the help of our charitable partners we are aiming to build up this fundraising effort until we become initially one of the UK’s and then in turn the world's biggest charitable givers.


Our Key Goals

  • End World Homelessness.
  • To change the world one home at a time.
  • Improve opportunities by improving environments.
  • Invest in young people globally through training.
  • Reduce poverty, both of wealth and of housing.
  • Promote a truly sustainable new method for greener, faster, and more affordable housing in the UK and across the world.