We Don't Just Talk The Talk, We Walk It

Dream Home and 3Developers are spearheading a programme through a charity called “Grannies” to be part of the Ioline Browne and all grannies foundation to help 16 to 30-year-olds with disabilities, those from deprived backgrounds and the homeless to improve their lives by getting them ready to work in corporate environments.

The initial goal of the organisation is to keep the central club in Reading away from corporate developers and give it back to the community as it was 12 years ago.

The central club is the heart of Reading’s community and a place for young people to learn, develop and work together for a common cause.

Petitions in Reading have collected over 5000 signatures in total and the centre which has been a pillar in the community since the 70’s is an ideal base to push through change in the community.

Each One Teach One

About Grannies

Grannies is the short name for the Ioline Browne and all grannies foundation.

The charity is being set up to keep alive the legacy of Ioline Browne who was one of the first women to move from the Caribbean to Berkshire. 

Grannies Logo

She left her children behind in hope of setting up a new life in the UK. Herself and Pastor husband Chesterfield faced great resentment over their initial time in the UK, being called names, having things thrown at them and finding it difficult to find housing or get a job.

Ioline went on to find 3 jobs and was able to bring over the rest of her children who went on to create successful careers for themselves in various fields.

Ioline was a well known person in the community who went on to look after and provide shelter for new families to the UK and help anyone she could who was in need.

Ioline became a pillar of the community giving advice to youngsters, helping young adults go down the right path, giving guidance and being a pillar of the community.

With this is mind Grannies was set up to follow the principles set out by our grandmothers and help young adults from all backgrounds, able bodied and disabled, progress in their lives.

The Programme

Grannies is committed to taking on homeless people and children from deprived neighbourhoods, bringing them together with kids from different areas.

It will begin with two-days training to help the students get work and give them valuable life skills.

The best students, based on attributes, not education, will be selected to enter an interview program offering them the possibility to be part of the Fresh Start Programme. 

The Fresh Start Programme will see these students into full-time employment along with housing, clothing, and extensive development.

The Centre Will Include

  • Entrepreneurial Hub
  • Events - Concerts, Festivals, Arts, Poetry and Theatre
  • Kitchen
  • Homeless Shelter
  • Startup Offices
  • Wellness Centre - Fitness and Training
  • Spiritual Centre
  • SPAC Ministry
  • Programs - Development
  • Restaurant
  • Family planning
  • Advise service and mentorship
  • Co-Working Space
  • Community enhancement
  • Spiritual Centre
  • Motivation and Drive Centre
  • Alcohol, drug, and relationship rehabilitation centre.

Grannies will be working with local individuals, mentors and companies to create a hub of entrepreneurship and work for generations to come.