Guaranteed Winner

For the first time ever in the UK competition guarantees the winner a 5 Bedroom detached home. The competition is certified by leading gamingorganisation and solicitors while all funds for the build our held in escrow from the competition until winner sign off on the property and plans.

It should be you

Only 2% of the UK is built on but the big problem is finding land we have teamed up with land agents, land owners  resources and large building suppliers as well local councils to help identify land opportunities and from the moment the winner selects where they want to build their dream home our team will be working tirelessly to make this happen.

Someone will win this home, unlike any competition in the UK before we will 100% no matter what the ticket sales are be giving a Detached 5 Bedroom Home Away. The design will be completely up to the winner and the location up to the winner. If we sell 1 ticket or 100,000 someone will win this home drawn by our independent competitions team.

Choosing Your Location and Build Budget.

The amount given for the build budget will be between £350,000 - £750,000 build budget depending on ticket sales. With the end home expected valuation between £500,000 - £1,500,000 depending on your design, build budget and location and many other factors that go into housing. Our advisors will be available to help you maximise the build for you to get maximum value for money and return on investment.

How We can Guarantee a winner and other competition cant?

Unlike any other competition our goal of this competition is not for profit, yes we want to provide charity donations to help people but also we are building this 3dprinted home to showcase the technology. With the help of our partners who our helping provide many of the materials, furniture, expertise and helping source the land. This project we hope to make a nationally televised event and highlight the potential of 3dprint home  building technology and how it could be a solution to the housing crisis.

By working with partners and suppliers and them receiving the advertising and to  be part of the future of housing we have been able to guarantee a winner rather than have to depend on ticket sales.

The Competition Finishing Early

Because of the amazing positive response to the competition. Our goal is to sell the tickets and fast as possible and start building the home as soon as we can. With this in mind with our advertising and PR loaded towards an early finish with excellent ticket sales we expect the competition to end well in advance of the deadline when it has to end.

Bringing 3dprinted Homes To The Mainstream

3dprint technology of houses offers faster, cheaper and better quality homes, which could be a long term fix to one of the world's biggest problems housing. This competition allows people to see the possibility of the technology and to touch and feel a 3dprinted home. Giving it the opportunity to become a mainstream construction method and be viewed as the future as it is in so many countries across the globe.

Our Journey Will Be Nationally Televised.

From our planning stages before the draw and throughout the build process television crews will be there to follow the journey, the winner will be expected to participate in this journey and help show the unbelievable joy that comes in putting together your dream and someone else doing all the hard work.

Dream Home App

Coming end of 2019 Dream Home will be releasing the 3dprinted Dream Home  app which will allow you to plan out, design and cost the build of your dream home.  With our partners you will be able to fit out your home and get costing for every aspect of your dream home.

Suppliers and Partners

Dream Home is working with a team of suppliers and is always looking for more join our suppliers partners group who will be helping supply every aspect of dream home.

Assuring a accereited and high quality competition

We have gone to every possible length to guarantee the integrity of your competition entry and money, safeguarding the competition method to make sure we comply with all legal requirements.

We have teamed up with top competition advisors, as well as lawyers of lawyers that are experts in compliance and regulations with matters of all types of promotional campaigns.

This means we have an independent observer who will choose the winner ensuring a safe and fair competition for all entrants and a full checking of audit trail to prove that the draw cannot be fixed.

House Design and Finding The Right Land For You

This 5 Bedroom Detached Home will be awarded to one lucky winner, the winner will receive a build budget 50% higher then the national average for a home of this type at the time. Depending on the success of the competition this could rise to 250% ( over twice the national average budget for a house of this size) With up to a third of this budget to go on land) All profits go to charity including feeding homeless over the Christmas 2019 period. 


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