Helping to end the housing Crisis 

Every Ticket Sold In The Dream Home Competition Will Go Towards Supporting Ending The Housing Crisis 

Tackling the UK housing crisis

More Than A  Ticket

Our goal is to feed 5,000 homeless this Christmas, help raise funds for an orphanage in Uganda to build the world's First 3Dprinted orphanage and help housing related charities across the UK. Your ticket not only allows your life to change with your dream home but also helps many other less fortunate.

This country is in its worst ever housing crisis, 40% of 19 - 35 year olds are living at home, millions of people are living in substandard housing and with a ageing workforce and 50% of UK construction workers being effected by Brexit the problem is only getting worse. 3dprinting is the soluction, houses built in 24 hours, cheaper, flexible designs and better quality. 

Your purchase helps us build the UK'S first 3dprinted home that will be the blueprint for the future housing of this country. 

Affordable Housing 

3D Printing can build amazing designs and dream home will create a spectacular home for the winner. But the same technology can be used to create low cost housing as well. The technology is being used to create affordable housing world wide in some cases saving more than 50% on build costs and the amount of homes that can be built quickly is limitless. 

3dprinting will build homes faster and cost effective than any other method on the planet.

Better Quality Housing 

The quality of many modern homes has been falling for years, they can't withstand the course of time, made of cheap flimsey material and you can hear a person speak in the other room. 

Victorian homes that have stood the test of time, solid in every aspect and are best quality like 3dprinted homes are made with concrete. 3dprinting. Our homes are built in areas of flooding, tornadoes and earthquakes because of the quality and what they can withstand.

Homes Built In 24 Hours 

The average house in the UK takes 6 -8 months to build and the carbon footprint is massive with all the machinery and people on site. Our goal is to build carbon nautral homes, with the building of the superstructure of the home to take 24 hours. Faster built homes and with our Smart Click fit out system we are able to fit out every aspect of the home faster.

 Building The National Home 

The UK currently has a severe housing shortage whereby 320,000 new homes are needed each year just to keep up with demand, the government has not met its housing target since the war. This has to change or millions will be without the core human need of shelter. 

With 600,000 children in London alone now living in poverty the goal for GB is to break the cycle of poverty by renovating and upgrading properties for people in need.

Building the Dream Home - The Nations Home can be the start of change, not only giving a real solution to the problem, but also creating awareness and galvenising support that is needed for this change to happen. A revoluntion is housing has been talked about for years, you can help that happen and potential win your dream home in the process. 

Changing The Way Homes are Built 

UK has built homes pretty much the same way for the last 150 years. While technology has changes and improved so many other industries house building has not. 3d print construction will change that by not only building homes faster and cheaper but our use of the latest technology and thinking will revoluntionise the way homes are built for every. 

Galvanising Support 

House building in the UK is a monopoly 70% of homes are built by 10 companies. In 2018 saw a record number of complaints againgst the quality of builds. 

Bring this technology into the market will not only disrupt this monopoly but will mean that we can build in areas that these house builders deem unprofitable because we have much reduced building costs. We need support and help to make this a reality. 


Homes makes communities, with millions having to move out communities because not enough affordable housing we can lower costs and keep people in the areas they want to live. 

No body should be homeless,  but we have families without homes and record number living on the street more homes and lower costs will change this. 

  • 30% Of Children In UK Live In Poverty
  • 320,000 New Houses A Year Needed
  • Average House Price Is 7x Average Income

  • You have  to earn £54K a year to buy one 
  • 40% of 19 -35 year olds live at home 
  • Home needs to be built every 3 seconds 

Get involved

Dream Home raffle is just the start, we work with hundreds of organisations to try and end the housing crisis, buy a ticket, spread the competition on social media or volunteer and become part of the solution. 

Please CLICK HERE to visit their website to find out more.

This 5 Bedroom Detached Home will be awarded to one lucky winner, the winner will receive a build budget 50% higher then the national average for a home of this type at the time. Depending on the success of the competition this could rise to 250% ( over twice the national average budget for a house of this size) With up to a third of this budget to go on land) All profits go to charity including feeding homeless over the Christmas 2019 period. 


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