Limited Tickets Available



  • Purchase entries to the draw online.
  • The more you purchase, the more chances you have at winning.
  • The Deadline for the draw to end is 1st September 2020 but is expected to end well in advance of this date when 150K tickets are sold


  • Support helping to revolutionize the UK Housing market.
  • Future of housing by helping showcase 3dprint technology.
  • First competition to guarantee a home if we sell 10 tickets or 100,000.
  • The more tickets sold, the bigger and more amazing house we can build.
  • Funds raised will also support building an 3dprinted orphanage  maintaining a 40 children in Hoima, Uganda.
  • Funds raised will also support building an 3dprinted orphanage  maintaining a 40 children in Hoima, Uganda.

3. WIN

  • Connect to our social media to find out when the draw will be made.
  • Draw to be made 7 days after all tickets sold or 1 September 2020.
  • Look out for our random monthly prize draws, that everyone who's bought a ticket that month can win.
  • Winners will receive an automatic email confirming they are a winner to the email address they have on their account. This email will have instructions on how to claim their prize.
  • The main prize winner will be announced on Facebook Live.
  • CLICK HERE to join our messenger subscribers and be one of the first to know and keep upto date. 

100% Certified & Approved

3Developers have gone to every possible length to guarantee the integrity of your competition entry and money, safeguarding the competition method to make sure we comply with all legal requirements.

We have teamed up with Market Leading Competition Consultants, who are a team of lawyers that are experts in compliance and regulations with matters of all types of promotional campaigns. 

This means we have an independent observer who will choose the winner ensuring a safe and fair competition for all entrants and a full checking of audit trail to prove that the draw cannot be fixed.

Terms and Conditions

Winners Timeline

This 5 Bedroom Detached Home will be awarded to one lucky winner, the winner will receive a build budget 50% higher then the national average for a home of this type at the time. Depending on the success of the competition this could rise to 250% ( over twice the national average budget for a house of this size) With up to a third of this budget to go on land) All profits go to charity including feeding homeless over the Christmas 2019 period. 


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