100% Certified, Fair And Approved Competition

The Dream Home team have gone to every possible length to guarantee the integrity of your competition entry and money, safeguarding the competition method and to make sure we comply with all legal requirements.

These processes include, but are not limited to:

  • Using an independent solicitors firm and certified accountants throughout the process to verify the authenticity of the draw.

  • Monies collected from the competition will be held in one of our charitable partners banks and will have to be signed off that the competition was fair and complete before release.

  • Independent judges who work within a controlled environment will verify the competition draw.

  • A clear program of how the process of the build and timescales are provided in this website.

  • We have used industry leaders for every aspect of this draw who have vast experience of well over 10,000 similar competitions.

  • This is a non-profit competition where increased sales mean a larger pot for our winners build budget and more funds for our charitable projects.

  • The building of the orphanage will be covered live and in a documentary film.