3Developers And Fab Foundation 2019 Kids Competition

3Developers and Fab Foundation have teamed up to offer an exciting Summer 2019 competition for kids.

The competition is open to kids aged 5 - 16 and gives them the opportunity to design a house of the future, so we will be looking for innovative designs and styles  to give maximum impact.

This should also come with an interior design which details what will be in the house including futuristic technology.

Click below to receive our child-friendly starter pack.

Overall Winner

  • Will have his/her design developed into a full-scale house, set for construction in 2020.
  • The winner will be involved in the process and will have the opportunity to have the house named after him/her.
  • The winner will cut the ribbon at the opening of the house, followed by their own private party.

Prizes For The Winners

  • The top 100 entrants in each age category will receive a special guest VIP ticket to one of our 3D printing houses exhibitions.

  • The winners in each age section will receive an actual model 3D printed replica of the design with interior design mockups and plans of their building.

About FabLabs

FabLabs are the educational outreach component of MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms (CBA), an extension of its research into digital fabrication and computation.

A FabLab is a platform for learning and innovation: a place to play, to create, to learn, to mentor, to invent.

To be a FabLab means connecting to a global community of learners, educators, technologists, researchers, makers and innovators- -a knowledge sharing network that spans 30 countries and 24 time zones.

Teaming up with Fab labs will mean both of our technology buses will be in operation 2018 helping children get an interest in creativity, planning and science which we hope will inspire future architects and engineers.

The people who will one day will have solved the worldwide housing crisis.

FabLabs democratise the manufacturing process. Using technological advancements such as 3D printing, FabLabs provide the tools and expertise necessary for anybody to realise their wildest inventions.

Our Bus Will Be Coming To A City Near You Soon

Fab Foundation Bus

The Maker Bus:A Fab Lab-On-Wheels (“Fab Bus”)

What Is The Fab And 3Developers Bus?

The Fab Bus is a London double-decker bus fitted out with 16 workstations/machines from computers, to 3D printers, to food printers, to vinyl laser cutters and much more.

3Developers bus has many of the same features but a 80 inch screen and a future of property tour.

The Purpose Of The Bus

The bus will help you to experience the machines or to train on them so you can learn about their uses.

To connect with schools, colleges, universities, businesses and everyone who wants to make almost anything – from signs to 3D printed gizmos to food printing, to repairing almost anything!

Some of the purposes of Fab Foundation UK are to re-skill workers, disabled people and former service personnel.


Another goal is to encourage girls and young women into engineering and technology. All to train for job opportunities in 21st century businesses.

3Developers bus is also focused on being a mobile information center on solving the housing crisis and explaining how 3dprint technology is key factor in this.