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On a recent trip to Uganda, where 3Developers won a contract to deliver a large scale international headquarters and employee houses, our CEO, Stafford Carrington and team dropped in on some local initiatives.

On one of these initiatives they met Sister Evace, a local woman, who helped to care for children that had been left on the street to die.

She brought these children and sometimes babies off the street into her own home to look after them with the help of volunteers.

Sister Nurse Bitaroho Evace founded an orphanage home (ECCHAHOME) after a painful experience of losing many unfortunate babies through the HIV/AIDS pandemic, child neglect, malnutrition, and other causes.

She realised that if a child is given a chance to be cared for, they can grow and flourish. The organisation was started after an assessment was carried out by Stakeholders in 2012/2013.

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14 children are living in the orphanage now. 

The conditions at the orphanage are terrible with all the children living and sleeping in two small rooms in the kind of conditions most people would find completely unacceptable.

Sister Evace's home is overcrowded, she stretches her resources to try and help as many kids as possible.

The current home was found to be well below the standard for children to be living in. It currently provides facilities for three times the number of children it should be.

The damp conditions and inadequate facilities are causing the children illness and long-term health problems. It is seen as an urgent situation that something needs to be done to move the children to a more suitable home. 

We are committed to building a 40-child orphanage home in Hoima for Sister Evace and her team.

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Some of the children, team, volunteers, local politicians, member of Uganda High Commission and Nurse Evace.

History Of The Orphanage

Evace Children Charity Home (ECCHAHOME) project was initiated by the Vision Director of the organisation, Sister Nurse Evace Bitaroho who first initiated it by herself in 2012.

In late 2013 early 2014, the vision was supported by other foundation members who invested funds to purchase the required assets for starting the project.

The project based in Hoima district, Uganda is set to innovate, make changes or introduce something new to the parents, guardians, caretakers and stakeholders who have registered their babies/children as project beneficiaries.

The Project (ECCHAHOME) is a voluntary charitable integrated Trust formulated as an organisation or a group of people regardless of their sex, colour, race, education, capabilities, political or religious affiliation, tribes, social and economic trends who have willingly united together for a purpose of helping the Ugandan orphans subject to integration, pre-settlement, post-settlement and boosting of children with proper nutrition, medication, education and security.



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